Young Empress

Young Empress

British duo Young Empress are ready to have you recreating 80s montage scenes in your bedroom following the release of their new single “Peacemaker”. Young Empress has spent over a decade playing some of the top UK venues and festivals (Great Escape, The Cavern Club, Birmingham Pride) refining their unique synthwave sound in preparation for their self-titled EP set to be released later this year.

“Peacemaker” is epically cinematic and grand-sound demonstrating classic retro synthesizers, rocking guitar tones, powerful harmonies, and dramatic 80s-inspired drums. Young Empress carefully crafts an indulgent immersive piece taking inspiration from iconic movie soundtracks as well as artists such as The Midnight, Tears For Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Eurhythmics, and Giorgio Moroder

“We often watch movies on mute in the background when we write our tracks,” shares Rebecca. “It gives us an initial concept of where we want things to go and helps us drive the overall vibe of the music forwards”. 

The debut single and first track on their upcoming self-titled EP is undoubtedly impressive and perfectly captures the duo’s passion for 80s music and film. They have skilfully shaped their unique brand of Synthwave which is bursting with energy and full of 80s nostalgia.

Listen to “Peacemaker” below:

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