Joined by their cutest co-stars yet (and maybe ever), Young Bombs reveal the music video for “Loyal” featuring GiGi. The video premiered earlier today on Idolator, who declared the clip “an adorably woof-y affair that promotes pet rescue.” It spotlights a bevy of beautiful puppies up for adoption from Wags & Walks Adoption Center in Los Angeles. Watch it below:

The critically acclaimed duo—Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier—remain avid dog adopters with a staunch passion for rescue work and animal activism. They chose to shoot the video at Wags & Walks and welcomed the adoption-ready pups center screen as the focal point. Playing with the dogs (in full suits) as GiGi belts out the irresistible refrain, the clip exudes tangible warmth and four-legged love.

About the video, Young Bombs commented to Idolator, “We had so much fun on the ‘Loyal’ video shoot! It was so great to be able to combine the three things we love most—music, film, and doggos—into one package and for a cause that really means a lot to us. We are both big dog guys and felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to team up with an organization like Wags & Walks to create exposure for the topic of pet rescue. There are so many furry friends out there that need a home. So, please, adopt, don’t shop!”

Wags & Walks saves the lives of thousands of animals annually. Donate HERE.

Furthermore, if you’d like to look over a detailed guide on dog adoption, have Breed Advisor be your guide. Check out all the deets by clicking HERE!


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