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As a founding member of We Came as Romans, Andy Glass has been through a great deal with the group, both personally and musically. Recently WCAR undertook a slew of changes including a lineup switch, some time off, and possibly most importantly, signing to their new label Sharptone Records. The new record ‘Cold Like War’ has been well received by metalcore fans and critics alike for its authenticity as well as its clean production. We recently had a chance to catch up with bassist Andy Glass about these changes, the recording process for ‘Cold Like War,’ and even his own personal work as a visual artist. Check out the interview below.

Liz Pena: Overall, how have things changed for the better with We Came as Romans over the past year?

Andy Glass: We really took some big steps in this past year that we have never done before. We took 11 months off to sort out problems internally with the band. We had a member change, a new label, and we kept quiet on our social media platforms.

LP: More specifically, how did signing with Sharptone change things for WCAR?

AG: It changed things a lot! The Sharptone team was really hands-on and they brought so many good ideas to the table. It’s hard to find a team that not only you can share your vision with you but also help you branch out into new ideas.

LP: What was the goal or message of ‘Cold Like War?’

AG: In my opinion, this record was just an honest and genuine story of WCAR finding ourselves through a rough couple of years. We had really high highs and really low lows. But we wanted to share those and be open about them.

LP: What makes this record different from your other records?

AG: It’s just such a transparent record. There is nothing fake about it. We have tried in the past to be something we’re not and it doesn’t work.

Photo by Katherine Seibert

LP: How did you react to the hugely positive response fans have had so far with your first two singles off ‘Cold Like War?’

AG: To be honest we were all scared because we had been away for so long working on this record we didn’t know how people would react. Once we started seeing the response to the singles we were so excited to see our hard work pay off!

LP: What are some other tracks off the record that you are most excited for fans to hear?

AG: Honestly I’d say “Encoder” and “Vultures” would be my picks that fans would like to hear. They’re both just such heavy hard hitting tracks.

LP: What is your relationship with your tourmates in I Prevail like? What about the other acts you will play alongside on your upcoming tour dates?

AG: It’s really awesome honestly! We’re both from the same area in Michigan and when we all first met it just clicked. So those guys have been nothing but amazing! Other bands on this tour such as The Word Alive have been our friends for about 10 years now. They are some of the best dudes we know. So it was just like pickup where we left off.

LP: What was the key for WCAR when recording this album so that you could get this very clean sound we are hearing on the record? What was the recording process like overall?

AG: The recording process took a long time. We had to incorporate a lot of old elements in a new way. We had Kyle at the helm of all the programming which honestly really changed the game for us. We then went to Nick Sampson and Drew Folk to make it.

We Came As Romans
Photo by Katherine Seibert

LP: What led you to drawing the designs for your own tour merchandise? Can you tell us a little bit about your work as a visual artist?

AG: Well I️ took some classes in high school that involved graphic design and web design. WCAR at the time didn’t have any merchandise so I️ just started whipping up designs so we could start selling them and getting our name out there. As time went on I️ started to develop a style and I️ brand for the band.

LP: What upcoming tour dates are you most looking forward to? Are there any cities you are especially excited to hit or venues you are especially excited to play?

AG: The tour we are on is pretty damn long haha but it’s great because we have been home for so long writing the record that we’re all finally getting the itch to go back out! My favorite cities that we hit so far are Seattle, Detroit, and Las Vegas!

To purchase We Came As Roman’s latest album ‘Cold Like War’, click HERE!


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