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The last day of Warped Tour 2017 reached 90 degrees in Pomona, CA, but that didn’t stop hundreds, if not thousands of fans from coming out to see some of their favorite bands. The set times for Warped Tour changed daily which made each date of the tour unique.

One of the first bands to play was Dance Gavin Dance who made a notable impression by sounding just like they do on their albums. Starting their set a little before noon didn’t affect the crowd as they loudly chanted and screamed along with the lyrics.

It took me several minutes to figure out the layout of the various stages I would have to run between throughout the day. After Dance Gavin Dance I hopped over to the Mutant stages for After The Burial, Fit For A King, and Hatebreed.

Fit For A King

Fit For A King had an insane mosh pit during their set. Typically, people would run around the sound tent but because the Mutant North and Mutant South stages were right next to each other, the fans swarmed around both tents doubling the size of the circle pit. FFAK played some of their heaviest songs off their new record Deathgrip such as “Shadows and Echoes”, “Deathgrip”, “Stacking Bodies”, and “Pissed Off.” Bodies piled on top of each other in the pit during Fit For A King’s heavy breakdowns. It was definitely one of the most brutal shows at Warped Tour Pomona.

One musician who I had not heard of before the festival was Watsky. This guy put on a GOOOOD show. He was extremely interactive with the crowd and brought the energy way up in the middle of the day. This guy jumped in the crowd while rapping and was crowd surfing and taking selfies with people’s phones. It was beyond AWESOME!

Fire From The Gods

I got to shoot my homies Fire From The Gods at the Hard Rock stage. Hung out backstage for a bit and caught up with the guys before they hopped on stage and performed. I’ve seen them play a handful of times and with each performance, they get better and better. Because the set times can overlap, I quickly ran back to the Mutant North stage to shoot Silent Planet.

Silent Planet

Oh boy. Silent Planet. Talk about a phenomenal band. Having just won Best Underground Band at the APMA’s, Silent Planet continues to stay humble as they climb the ladder of success. With brutal breakdowns, heart-wrenching lyrics, and hearts of gold, Silent Planet is an absolute MUST SEE. Garrett (vocalist) hopped into the crowd, as he frequently does, and sang/screamed with his fans making the experience quite unforgettable.

Vans Warped Tour

Memphis May Fire also put on an excellent show, playing songs primarily off of their new record This Light I Hold. However, MMF opened their set with an old hit “The Sinner” which really got the crowd energized before playing their new tunes. One thing I can consistently say is that Matty Mullins (frontman for MMF) always seems to be having a great time when he’s performing. He truly seems to love what he does as well as the people who love his music.

Ronnie Radke from Falling In Reverse was fascinating to see perform live. I have only seen him backstage at other shows where he has been super chill. One thing I know for sure, when he lets his wild side out, women go crazy. Radke had a lot of energy, dancing around on stage and singing to fans in the crowd. Screams erupted from the crowd as Falling In Reverse started playing their set and they didn’t stop until the concert was over.


The last two bands I was dying to see at Warped Tour Pomona were Beartooth and Our Last Night. 10/10 will definitely see both bands again. The talent that Caleb Shomo and the Beartooth guys have is incredible. Their live shows are always filled with so much energy and Shomo is excellent at bringing a high energy performance. Beartooth is hands down one of my favorite bands to see live because their music really comes to life when the entire crowd is singing along.

Our Last Night was one of the last bands to play at Warped Tour but that didn’t stop the crowd from staying and going hard. Trevor (the frontman of OLN) thanked their dedicated fans for supporting their music and seeing them live. Along with playing originals from their new record Selective Hearing, OLN played one of their very popular covers “Shape of You.” When they said they were going to play one of their covers, the crowd went wild except for one guy with bad taste behind me who loudly groaned. Near the end of their set they whipped out hoses to spray the crowd down which was incredible everyone went wild. The mixture of smoke from the stage and water in the crowd was spectacular to see.

If I had to rename this tour, I would call it the “The Brutal Breakdowns and Good Dudes Tour.” So many fantastic bands played at Warped Tour this year. It was such a blast listening to great music. Whew! I can’t wait for next year already.


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Vans Warped Tour

Fire From The Gods

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