Walrus are a band with such a seemingly wide array of influences and vast sonic repertoire, it makes perfect sense that their hypnotic debut album, Family Hangover, out today, June 9th on Madic Records, would be such a delightful treat to the ears. The band guides their audience through a long and thoughtful jam session that at times, feels like straight up time travel, invoking the warm vibes of rock’s 1960’s and 1970’s golden age.

Opening track “Later Days” sets the pace for Family Hangover right away. A gorgeous, bright guitar line hooks up with an uber fuzzy bass that transitions to a super spacey, kind of booming breakdown with resonating cymbals that seem to stretch across the cosmos. Once the completely ethereal vocals enter the mix, well by then you’re officially on a psychedelic journey you won’t want to return from anytime soon. Walrus’ biography describes their sound as “a fuzzed- out electric blanket of soul with unrepentant strands of authentic heaviosity,” and that’s exactly what the band has captured on Family Hangover.

Jams like “In Timely Fashion” covers the soul quotient in spades while tracks like “Glam” deliver the thunderously heavy elements as well. On their fantastic debut full length, Walrus cover enough sonic terrain to win over just about everybody. “Regular Face” is a solid pop-rock ditty that might get some folks dancing, some moshing, but mostly, it’s the type of feel good song that’ll make complete strangers want to sing along with you.

The glorious guitar solo that concludes the album’s closing track, “What Goes On” is brilliant but bittersweet for it signals the end of Walrus’ highflying trip through your stereo. Without a doubt, Family Hangover is probably the only type of hangover you’ll want to experience over and over again.

To purchase Walrus’ debut album Family Hangover, click here!


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