Having spent most of 2017 shadowing other artists and producers, musician TyC is ready to unleash his unique electro hip-hop takeover starting with, “Get Down”, featuring Cleveland native rapper Chuck Curly.

Beginning with a deep track repeating the words “get down”, TyC builds the beat for the grand entrance of Chuck Curly, who’s chill, classic rap style brings and vintage feel to the modern electro rhythms. TyC brings in the hook at the end, sung by Sonny Step, who keeps the song going adding a nice end to the song.

The accompanying music video for “Get down,” shows that TyC is going to be someone to keep watching. It’s stylistic, matching the mood of the song perfectly. Opening with cartoon drawings of both TyC and Chuck Curly, the video starts with Curly sleeping on the ground, a makeshift living room with a couple cats, next to a baseball field as TyC, face covered by his long hair, headbangs to the beat, playing along on his electric piano. As the chorus drops, the shots go black and white and switch between Curly and the female singer, eventually going back to color. Created by Jacob Caron, the video takes a weird turn as Curly ends up in a car with a blow-up doll, heading to a liquor store where he meets up with the female singer.

Watch the music video for “Get Down” below:

With his slightly mysterious aura, TyC, the man with the long hair and awesome beats, is definitely an artist to watch as he starts to release more singles and music videos.

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