Ty Segall Livestream

Ty Segall Love Fuzz

Ty Segall is joining the legions of musicians that are providing much needed entertainment during our self-imposed home internment. KEXP has been hosting live performances from their studios for years, so naturally, when everyone must stay-at-home, KEXP has found a way to keep the music flowing.

Ty Segall will join Cheryl Waters on her Midday Show for an interview-from-home, followed by a live performance today Thursday May 14th at 3PM PST. You can watch the whole thing here.

Ty Segall’s latest effort First Taste was released on August 2nd of last year. You can buy your copy here.

The always prolific Ty Segall used the Covid quarantine to record a cover album of the 1971 Harry Nilsson classic Nilsson Schmilsson. He dubbed his version Segall Smeagol and released it for free on Bandcamp. Segall had this to say about the effort: “I wanted to cover Nilsson Schmilsson for years, so I used the opportunity of being at home to cover my favorite cuts from the record. So here it is free on Bandcamp.”

Listen to Segall Smeagol in it’s entirety below:

Don’t miss out on the GSM review of Ty Segall here.

And for a slice of First Taste, watch the music video for “Taste” below to get you in the mood:


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