Atmospheric/shoegaze rock band Turnover has released a new music video today for the track “Still In Motion”, and we hope your allergies won’t flare up.

The song is another successful attempt by Turnover to instill a sense of calamity into their discography. Visually, the track’s music video embodies a flood of relaxing and blissful endorphins. Beginning with a black and white shot of a covered lawnmower, the video develops into a spiritual-esque sort of project that showcases how inviting and harmonious cutting grass can be.

Watch the video for “Still In Motion” below:

In the new issue of Alternative Press, Bobby Makar talked with Turnover founder Getz about how the frontman’s search toward a creative muse didn’t necessarily work out the way he had originally hoped and intended.

“I feel like being so far outside of my comfort zone took up a lot of my mental energy,” Getz says. “So there was less [inspiration] coming into my mind, but that really took a lot more of me being like, ‘All right, even if I’m not feeling inspired, I have to sit down at the keys or sit down with a guitar and just start playing and wait for something to inspire me.’ I felt pretty powerful because it made me realize that if I do my end of it, I’ll always have a relationship with music as long as I put in the work and keep myself interested.”

The band will be hitting the road shortly for a massive US tour with Men I Trust. For a full list of tour dates, look below!


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