Adam Jones from SURVIVE has another band called Troller. The Austin based trio combines goth, industrial, synth and noise into a heady blend of darkwave. The creepy vocals and bass are provided by singer Amber Star-Goers, while synth is handled by Justin Star-Goers and Adam Jones. The band released their second full-length, Graphic, last year.

They intend to produce a video for every track on the album, and each video becomes more ambitious. They have already produced stunning videos for “Sundowner,” “Not Here” and “Storm Maker” (my personal favorite track on the album). The latest for “Nothing” is directed by Melissa Cha. Holodeck Records describes the video as a “dark and ritualistic narrative unfolds a morbid cycle of life and death that takes place in its own hyper-stylized world.” The neon lights and high fashion of this disturbing and morbid short film could have come right out of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Neon Demon.

Be warned. This video is NSFW. A woman in a wedding veil walks down a dark hallway and into a room filled with white light. She is undressed by a couple of people in fetish gear, red and black leather. She is laid out on an altar, and various black objects are removed from her mouth. A chitinous claw-like object is inserted into her mouth, she is transformed, instantly becoming pregnant. She gives bloody birth to a black pod with hair sprouting from one end, and dies. The pod is handed to a couple clothed in black leather and spikes, standing in a room with the dead body of the person who handed them the pod.

Troller wrapped up their west coast tour here in Los Angeles at the Echoplex on Sunday July 2nd. You can buy Graphic on vinyl here.

Don’t forget to read about SURVIVE’s last performance in Los Angeles here.


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