It was as if the heavens opened this past Saturday night at the Shrine Expo Hall in downtown Los Angeles. For a few all-consuming hours the members of both Thrice and Circa Survive, respectfully, delivered what would be talked about as both of their finest performances of the massive co-headlining tour.

The night prior packed the eclectic concert hall with a sold-out crowd numbering 6700-plus fans. Not ones for sloppy seconds, night two had nearly the same amount of humans – yet boasted twice the energy as the first.

The lights dimmed around 7 PM indicating the first band was moments away from taking the stage. Calling themselves Balance and Composure, the Pennsylvanian quintet gradually introduced their cozy yet jagged lyrics and melodies to the audience. The track “For a Walk” led the band into their set, the fans looked as if they had been subdued by a Tigers Jaw track from early 2006.

Quickly following Balance and Composure were the California-cool dudes in Chon. Unlike their tour mates, Chon can be described as having a silky smooth exterior with an ADD injected interior. With organic melodies mimicking those of Minis The Bear and American Football, the San Diego-based group dazzled the crowd with their polished riffs and severe attention to musicality.

Once 8:30 PM arrived Thrice’s backdrop was illuminated with a sea of red lights. Shortly after the crowd’s cheering for the OC-based band began, lead singer Dustin Kensrue and company took the stage. Without hesitation, the band quickly dove into their first track “The Earth Will Shake”. The track did an adequate job of elevating the patrons in the crowd, stirring up several mosh pits and sweaty souls. Song three in the band’s set list was fan favorite “The Artist in the Ambulance” off the band’s album of the same name. “Hurricane” followed along with “Blood on the Sand” both off of the band’s most recent album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere. Kensrue stopped several times throughout the band’s set to thank the audience for the patronage and loyalty. After 16 songs the band closed their performance with “The Long Defeat”.

The final band of the night took the stage around 10ish. As customary with any co-headlining tour, Anthony Green, Circa Survive’s wild and crazy frontman graciously thanked Thrice for joining them on one of the biggest tours of the fall. Shortly after Green thanked Thrice, he and his comrades started the final act of the night with “Lustration”, a track off the groups latest album The Amulet. The track develops at a rapid pace, quickly enveloping the audience in a plethora of tones and expressions by the expressionist himself, Anthony Green. As the band was performing “Sharp Practice” Green took the microphone stand and tossed it feverishly into the air only for it to quickly return to his lap, like the feather in Forest Gump.

Other notable tracks for the evening included “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose”, “The Glorious Nosebleed”, “Stop the Fuckin’ Car” and “Tunnel Vision”. Circa Survive closed the night with one of the band’s biggest tracks, “Get Out”, which had any sedimentary souls in the audience bouncing as if they were in a bouncy house.

When it comes to co-headliners there’s always a risk you take when the two bands have different devotees. Thankfully, for Thrice and Circa Survive both bands have dedicated fans that embrace new-to-their-ears tunes. If you find yourself in a market that the band plans on rolling through, go. You won’t be let down.




The Earth Will Shake
The Window
The Artist in the Ambulance
Blood on the Sand
Open Water
Broken Lungs
Come All You Weary
Red Telephone
Black Honey
Of Dust and Nations
The Long Defeat


Strange Terrain
Sharp Practice
Child of the Desert
Glass Arrows
The Glorious Nosebleed
Tunnel Vision
Rites of Investiture
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
At Night It Gets Worse
In Fear and Faith
Stop the Fuckin’ Car


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