The Veils provide the legendary Sunset Strip’s Roxy Theater with swanky tunes

Photos by Rachel Elizabeth Goertz



Alternative British-indie rock poured from the Sunset Strip icon, The Roxy Theatre, this past Monday, November 7th, with the return of 14-year genre veterans: The Veils. Tales tell of the London-based quintet’s “…chaotic and highly cathartic live performances and [the lead singer]’s often scarily possessed stage presence” everlasting their 2004 inception. The Roxy, seemingly as a loss for deciphering fable, was most notably rocked by an eight-track portion of the setlist stemming from the band’s 2016 album release Total Depravity. The group’s fifth go around the sun boasts their No. 2-selling track “Low Lays the Devil”, and their No. 26 track “Iodine & Iron”.


The Alt-Brit-Indie thirsty crowd swarmed near the bar, netted as the opening track ignited with an ever-so-slightly-but-who’s-telling sharp six-string hammer. As the infamous ebony velvet Roxy curtain was pulled, the audience was greeted by a stage presence distinctly reminiscent of a 1995 Nirvana. Veil’s raw, instrumental talent mirrored that of The Los Angeles Lakers; lyrical talents much like that of Beethoven. Frontman Finn Andrews: compelling as he is mistaken for aquatically-enhanced Resurrection Edition of a U.S. President superhero. Keyboardist and band co-founder, Liam Gerrard, and similarly as voluminously-haired guitarist, Dan Raishbrook, completed the Weeping Willow portion of stage right. Drummer Henning Dietz held two real wood sticks in spite; bassist Sophia Burn insisted she wasn’t participating in The Mannequin Challenge. I got some, but a proper L.A. bride doesn’t wear the same veil twice. Maybe a headband next time.

The Veils are on tour for the rest of the month. For a full list of dates as well as links to ticket information, click here.

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