Keeping the summer fresh and upbeat, four piece indie rock band from Florida, the Spinning Stillness, have released “Happy Times” just in time to keep you cool during those aggressive heat waves. With its fast-paced tempo, high guitar notes and strong vocals, it’s a song you want to get up to and dance to.

Opening with guitar and drums, vocals slide in, grounding the song and leading it on to the chorus. The drums and guitar really stand out on this track, reminiscent of early indie rock bands like the Strokes. As the song moves into the bridge towards the middle, the drums and guitar stay strong, moving back into the more upbeat beginnings of the song.

Listen to “Happy Times” below:

If you like “Happy Times”, don’t forget to check out their other singles, “To You” and “Smooth Darkness”.

Discover The Spinning Stillness: Facebook | SoundCloud


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