Self-Described as a “James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for”, The Matchstick Skeletons’ music video, “I Told Ya So”, is an homage to early Hollywood days as they drive around trying to escape their imminent fate with death.

The song itself is beautifully classic with its simple drumbeats and heavy electric guitar. Starting out slow, the song ramps up towards the middle as lead singer Neu Mannas repeats, “I Told Ya so”, reaching a climax and then returning to the original pace.

Opening with bold title cards, the music video begins with the duo, lit matchsticks in their mouths, being quickly extinguished by someone throwing dirt on their dead bodies. Going to earlier in the day, we watch as the two bandmates, in an old school car with a very fake background, drive around, eventually picking up a skeleton. As they drive off, night falls, and they realize that the skeleton hitchhiker they just picked up is not just along for a fun ride.

The video is perfectly paired with the song, mixing old-school vibes with a bit of modern flair. The Matchstick Skeletons have not announced any tour dates as of yet, but may soon.

Watch “Told Ya So” below:

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