The Hunna

The Hunna

The Hunna have a brand-spankin’ new music video for “I Wanna Know” the third single from their upcoming album, ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In,’ set to annihilate your speakers this fall.

As a standalone tune, “I Wanna Know” is a certified up-tempo rager. Good luck getting the blistering guitars, frenzied hi-hats, and those delicious “nah nah nah nah nah nah nah” backing vocals out of your head. Also, the final, crescendo/breakdown packs one hell of a wallop. The type of ape shit sweaty mosh pit vibes we all remember fondly before the dark days of 2020 ended live music for us all.

Speaking of throwback nostalgia, the song’s accompanying music video is a madcap collection of The Hunna killing it back in the pre-pandemic glory days of yore. We’re talking choice cuts from some of the band’s most high octane gigs. So let “I Wanna Know” hold you over until these dark, concert-less times are finally behind us…enjoy!

Watch “I Wanna Know” below:

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