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Los Angeles and Austin based band The Hugeness have released an epic new song and video for “The Fist,” the first single off of their upcoming new full-length, The Lighthouse, due out September 28th.

Patrick Simon, the band’s keyboardist, had this to say about the track:

“‘The Fist’ was chosen as our first single because of its frenetic energy and adherence to the overall theme of the album.  Our second LP, “The Lighthouse,” explores the concept of rebirth, rising above mediocrity, and the potential we all have to change our lives.  ‘The Fist’ almost represents a punch in the gut: get moving, get creating, explore your potential.  The fluid intricacies of Dustin’s drumming combine multiple feels and sudden changes in an effort to mirror the tumultuous nature and mood swings of day-to-day life.”

Henry Muehlhausen, the band’s bass player, had this to say about the track “Always a fucking choir. ALWAYS.” The video was shot during the recording process at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX, just outside of El Paso. The record’s “choir parts were more intricate so we tracked them in a controlled environment at the Baklava Lodge Studios in Los Angeles, CA.”

The band liked “the remoteness of the location, we’re able to completely submerse ourselves in the recording process, free from distractions”

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The Lighthouse will be up for preorder on iTunes on August 15th.

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Watch the the video for “The Fist” below:


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