Hugeness Henry

There is no denying The Hugeness is one of our favorite new bands here at Get Some Magazine. Their latest album The Lighthouse was in heavy rotation at my house this year (and it even made my year end top 10 list). Over the holiday break we were able to catch their first ever live show here in Los Angeles … and it was epic.

Surrounded by towering bookshelves and teetering piles of books, The Study in Hollywood made a perfect venue for the band to make its Los Angeles debut. The intimate setting and academic feel made a perfect conduit for their complex sound.

The band took the stage, bathed in blue light, and immediately launched into the opening track on their first album, “Dedicated.” Patrick Simon announces their arrival with glorious prog rock keys. Frontman Will Kubley is a man possessed, pouring every ounce of himself into the vocals. It is immediately apparent that The Hugeness came to make an impression.

Hugeness Wide

Henry Muehlausen’s heavy foreboding bass line announces “The Mountain.” The song burrows into your soul, and a palpable energy filled the room. The song descends into a heavy jam at the end, before dissipating into the ether as instrument after instrument strips away one at a time.

After the first couple of songs, Will told the audience to come closer, making the experience even more intimate, and the audience was happy to oblige. Afterward, the band launched into two tracks off their first album, “Here We Lay.” Swirling guitars and a beefy bassline tell us that “Painted Eyes” is next.  At this point there was no question about whether the music on the album would translate live.

“The Hero” (my personal favorite from the new album) is up next. Delicate keys kick off the slow build, creating a haunting counterpoint to the guitar and Kubley’s keening, almost sorrowful delivery. The song swings back and forth from minor key to a hopeful, anthemic chorus in a major key. The entire audience singing “I need a hero for me too.”

Hugeness Light Freakout

“The Desert,” “The Fist” and “The Crash” form a powerful trinity, really highlighting drummer Dustin Hall’s complex rhythms. The band adds a powerful red strobe and smoke to the show, punctuating the elegiastic fervor of the music. The Hugeness playing their instruments as one organic creature, pouring their souls into the music.

“Isabel” is the band’s true epic. A song that can morph into a true setpiece. The band improvising during the breakdown, can expand it into anything they want. And they really delivered. This song showcases their true musicianship.

“The Return” is a perfect song to wind it down. The song kind of fades away, never really ending.

The Hugeness was undoubtedly even better as a live band. The music was elevated by the energy, swelling with the immediacy of the music. I can’t wait to see them again in February. Keep your eyes peeled to Getsome for details as they emerge in the coming weeks.

Check out their music video for “The Crash” here.