The Get Up Kids are back with their sixth full-length album, the much anticipated [their first in eight years!], ‘Problems,’ out May 10th on Polyvinyl Record Co. This record finds the band refining their energetic, emo-punk sound that forever engrained The Get Up Kids into the hearts and minds of lovelorn rock fans in the late ’90s. On ‘Problems‘ the band proves that they’re older, wiser, and still know their way around a catchy hook.

The opening track and lead single, “Satellite” begins with an acoustic guitar intro that somehow invokes ‘Static Age’-era Misfits vibes, and transforms into a heart-racing, riff fiesta and ends with a rapturous snare drum attack. This leads to the next track and second single [nice job sequencing guys] “The Problem Is Me.” Probably one of the catchiest songs on the record, the booming rhythm section and jangly keys push the song forward, while Matt Pryor’s vocals really bring the chorus home. So much so you’ll be singing “Could it be, maybe the problem is me?” right alongside him in no time. The instrumentation on the third track “Salina” is superb. The guitars and that amazing bass tone align so perfectly, while James Dewees’ keyboard strokes kind of steal the spotlight during the song’s dramatic silences.

The Get Up Kids may have grown into full-fledged adults over the past two decades, but that doesn’t mean they forgot how to rock. While this record demonstrates a more nuanced songwriting approach and fuller production sound than their earlier releases, ‘Problems’ still packs one hell of a sonic punch. Tracks like “Lou Barlow” and “Fairweather Friends” are teaming with energy, the type of songs designed to get general admission dance floors hopping. “Fairweather Friends” also boasts one of the best guitar solos on the album, with “The Advocate” coming in a close second in this author’s humble opinion.

Problems’ ends with the epic, heartfelt closer, “Your Ghost Is Gone.” A slow-burning sad song for sad song connoisseurs to relish. Again, the production on this track is stunning. Every instrument gets its chance to shine on this song, just like every nook and cranny of your heart gets to break alongside it while listening. If you’re a fan of The Get Up Kids you probably have your vinyl pre-ordered and have streamed each single dozens of times already, but if you’re a new kid on the block or just really dig solid rock tunes, you can’t go wrong with the band’s new record, ‘Problems.’

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