The Drums

The Drums have returned with another heavenly slice of dance-tinged indie pop. Despite the album’s seemingly grim title, Abysmal Thoughts out now via ANTI Records, finds The Drums crafting some of the most playful and ridiculously upbeat/catchy tunes of their career.

A lot has transpired since the release of the band’s last record, 2014’s Encyclopedia. The Drums ringleader Jonny Pierce has taken the reigns of the band following the departure of co-founder Jacob Graham last year and crafted what is essentially his first publically acknowledged and oh so marvelous solo album. On Abysmal Thoughts” Pierce is credited with writing and performing all the music himself, an astounding creative feat that he’s done for most of The Drums past discography as well but only now, on this liberating new fourth album, felt comfortable disclosing to the public.

On Abysmal Thoughts, Pierce tackles a slew of devastating topics, from the dissolution of personal and professional relationships, loneliness all around melancholy. He addresses these somber issues by diving headfirst into The Drums trademark, infectious feel-good sound, turning these bleak negatives into something positive/highly danceable.

“Mirror” opens the record in grand fashion. A slow burning intro gives way to a pulsating kick drum that morphs into riveting, post-punk perfection. Pierce’s dreamy vocal arrangements, ingenious samples, glorious guitar melodies; not to mention, those snappy drum beats, shine throughout the album. Made with “…the same guitar, synthesizer, drum machine and reverb unit he’s played since the beginning of The Drums,” this record sounds familiar yet totally invigorating as well. “Blood Under My Belt” “Heart Basel” and “Shoot The Sun Down” are some of the most pleasant musical jams you’ll hear all year, arranged in a back to back to back trifecta of pop goodness.

Even subdued downer tracks like “Are U Fucked” which meanders like a hangover at a tropical beach party, sound great. By the time you reach the final self-titled track, you might wonder just what abysmal thoughts Pierce is singing about because the song and album overall are bound to fill your head with good times.

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The Drums will be coming to Los Angeles on July 22nd for a performance at FYF Festival. Click here for tickets to the festival.



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