I can still remember clearly my first memory of The Dangerous Summer, ironically it was during the summer of ’08 and me and a friend were driving to Palm Springs to take photos and she popped in a mix CD and the first song was “The Permanent Rain” by TDS. Since then my love for the band just stuck and when Reach for the Sun came out, it was a definite game changer. It’s one of those records where I didn’t skip a single song. And until now, I still play it on drives.

A couple of years after that, they toured with another band (if you know me IRL) you wouldn’t expect I’d like, The Morning Of. They played the Cobalt Cafe and I even missed Sound and Fury that year for this show. It was the first time I saw the Dangerous Summer live and my mind was absolutely blown.

Fast forward 9 years, the band is about to release their latest studio album called Mother Nature. Not gonna lie the singles they’ve released so far are quite a synth-driven (which is definitely not a bad thing) but you can still hear that signature Dangerous Summer sound even with the member changes.

They headed out on a full US tour to promote the new record a couple of weeks ago and 13 days in this run, they stopped at good ‘ol Highland Park, CA at one of my favorite venues, The Hi-Hat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time for openers, Sorry (that’s their band name). Sorry about that. But made it in time for New Jersey’s very own Modern Chemistry. The band gave everyone a perfect dose of rock, from the strong vocals to the ambient and chill vibe of the music with a little hint of rocking the fuck out. This band is definitely winning a lot of new fans over.

Next up, Baltimore’s Have Mercy comes on stage. The band’s frontman Brian Swindle enlisted Modern Chemistry as his backing band. As a fan of the band for quite a while now, I knew Have Mercy knew how to pull everyone’s heartstrings and that they did. Playing a good blend of both old, older and new, Have Mercy’s set was quite perfect. They have a new record expected to come out early August so be sure to check that out!

So after 9 long years, I finally got to see The Dangerous Summer again. With a fresh line up and a fresher sound. Frontman AJ Perdomo made sure the crowd knew that they had a lot of songs that night and their fans didn’t seem to mind that. Their setlist was well curated to appeal to the newer fans and the super fans. It was a very interactive set by the Dangerous Summer and their new songs will definitely be on repeat for a lot of people.

Be sure to check out Mother Nature that is coming out June 14 on Hopeless Records.










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