1975 Matt Healy

The 1975 have finally announced their long-awaited new album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, due out October. The album was previously announced as Music for Cars. In an interview with Zane Lowe on his Beats One radio show, frontman Matt Healy had this to say about the name change:

“There is no album called Music For Cars. Music For Cars is what I was going to call this album, which is now called A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. The reason I changed my mind is that I realized every writer wants a great ending, right? That’s what you want as part of your repertoire. I think I had the drive to do that so much throughout I Like It When You Sleep. It was kind of driving me. And then when I started making this record I realized I was just being naive. I was kind of lying to myself, you know? I’m not going to stop The 1975, like, next year – no way. I don’t want to do that.

I’m never ashamed of changing my mind in public, so I thought, you know what? Music For Cars is the era, you know? It’s the umbrella for whatever music comes out in this time frame.

The band also released a video for their first single, “Give Yourself a Try.” Directed by Diane Martel, the video starts in black and white with Healy talking to a shrink in subtitles. The psychiatrist is ultimately revealed to be a stuffed bear. After that, the band finds themselves performing in a mirrored room, while bold text runs down the left side of the screen.

In addition to the new album, Matt Healy also dropped another bombshell. Fans of The 1975 can expect a follow-up album entitled Notes on a Conditional Form in May of 2019.

Watch the video for “Give Yourself a Try” below: