With most artists releasing videos that tell a story, it’s not often you come across a band that is more interested in releasing a video that is visual art. Australian based band Tetraheda continues to set themselves up as a band that is not only concerned with “banger” hits but eclectic and artistically motivated films to accompany their unique sound.

Opening on a shot of a cave by a lake, long green cloth hands creep out, revealing that they are attached to people, dressed in green outfits, their faces covered in blonde wigs. The video cuts between shots of the cave and canola fields, as the chorus starts and Tetrahedra, sings that they are “actually happy here”, as the members lean against each other and wrap their long green arms around each other. Filmed in Victoria, Australia, the video continues cutting between brief shots of the band, the long green arms, and a shot of them dressed in purple propping each other up. Directed by artistic director Isabella Connelley and costumed designed by Lucy Connelley, the band’s vision comes to life, where the song is the story and the film is how it makes you feel – colorful, a little bit off, but happy. Shots are edited as if the video has a glitch, going back and forth between the same motions, making you feel like you’re watching a psychedelically charged film.

Watch the music video for “I Wouldn’t Mind” below:

The video pairs well with Tetraheda’s brand of art pop. The song is upbeat, something you could dance to, with an electric drum opening followed by synthetic bass. The Chorus brings the song into another worldly state by lowering the drums and adding soothing synths, keeping the bass going. The end adds more synths, changing the drum beat, and getting rid of the heavier bass as it fades into the distance.

Tetraheda’s style, albeit different, is definitely something that people will enjoy. They are a band that puts just as much thought into their songs as they do their videos, pushing their boundaries as they create art fueled videos to play as a backdrop for their catchy songs.

For more information on Tetrahedra, click here!


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