Continuing to stoke the fiery anticipation around their sophomore album, Austin-based duo Street Sects have unveiled a new song titled “The Drifter.” Driven by metallic clatter and vocalist Leo Ashline’s neo-noir narrative, the track serves as the bridge between the calamity of the duo’s 2016 debut ‘End Position‘ and the forthcoming melody-tight LP ‘The Kicking Mule‘.

Listen to “The Drifter” now by clicking below:

Continuing to redefine both themselves and the post-industrial canon, Street Sects have dug their heels even deeper into sample-driven noise while fleshing out chronicles of brutality (“glass in the tread of a tire / bone peeking through the skin”) and loathing (“At my worst I’m full of sentiment / At my worst I carry most of it around”) with ‘The Kicking Mule‘. Known for their emotionally battering, fog-drenched live performances, Street Sects are eager to bring the catharsis of their industrial din to rooms across the country through December. A full tour itinerary can be found below.

The Kicking Mule‘ will be released October 26th via San Francisco-based label The Flenser. Pre-order the album by clicking here! LP orders will include a limited booklet containing a short story written by Street Sects’ Leo Ashline with cover art by Huseyin Ozkan.

The band will be performing at the Echo on December 5th. For tickets, click here!

The Kicking Mule — Tracklist:

1. 269 Soulmates
2. Birch Meadows, 1991
3. Chasing the Vig
4. Suicide By Cop
5. Everyone’s at Home Eventually
6. Dial Down the Neon
7. In For a World of Hurt
8. Before it Was Worn
9. Still Between Lovers
10. The Drifter


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