Sorority Noise Releases Video for “No Halo” Off Latest Record ‘You’re Not As _____ As You Think’


Sorority Noise

Connecticut-based alt rock five piece Sorority Noise has just released an old school video for their new single “No Halo.” The track, off their latest album You’re Not As _____ As You Think, exemplifies Sorority Noise’s brand of indie rock. It might not be the most different or shocking approach but it is well-executed and believable. Tinged with indie rock, emo, punk, and hardcore influences, the track is reminiscent of groups like Brand New in

Tinged with indie rock, emo, punk, and hardcore influences, the track is reminiscent of groups like Brand New in cool and familiar way. You’re Not As _____ As You Think is the group’s fourth album in four years. With barely five years together as a band, it is clear they are putting in some serious work. This work has paid off, earning them media attention worldwide. This summer, they will embark on a tour that includes a short stint in the UK for Slam Dunk Festival and a special sold out show at The Underworld on May 30th with Citizen and Turnover. Their sound is low key but angsty and emotional and should be received well abroad, especially in the UK.

Kyle Thrash directed the video for “No Halo” off this latest Sorority Noise album, released late spring via Big Scary Monsters and Triple Crown. It is not the most daring or unique piece of cinema, but it pairs well with the group’s energy as it throws back to a different slightly simpler time. The video takes place in cliche settings – a high school, the hospital, a funeral home – the low budget emo standards we are all used to at this point. The group is pictured outdoors, driving, biking, running away, all elements to symbolize their desire for an escape.

It is a little all over the place, but so are their emotions. At this point, I am not sure if I have been excusing cliche music videos as intentional throwbacks. There is a part of me that does not want to believe anyone thinks a video in a high school gym is going to be memorable or career changing. Hopefully, in this case, it was intentional, maybe even tongue in cheek, because the song itself is successful.

Singer/guitarist, Cameron Boucher’s vocal is at times downtrodden and controlled, unleashed and agitated. The more subtle verses build into a hardcore chorus and show the emotion of this track that is like the video, a little all over the place. There is a distinct believability to the way Boucher’s vocal is paired with chugging guitars and an almost dreamy overtone. It is early emo inspired, with an appreciation for cheeky symbolism. Lyrics like “honestly I’m a mess, a car engulfed in flames, I’m a wreck” have a metaphorical poetry to them, an appreciation for word crafting as highly important part of the song. The chanted hook is something that will work live on any turf.

Sorority Noise has created their own relatable, down to earth identity in the indie genre and the video from “No Halo” is here to give us a peek at it. Check out the video today and leave us a comment about what you think.

Sorority Noise will be on tour for the next few months. For a full list of dates, click here. To purchase the band’s latest album You’re Not As _____ As You Think here!


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