The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

If you’re into fresh, uncluttered, and cathartic jams, the three-piece indie-pop fellas in The Midnight Club have you covered. Recently transplanted to Los Angeles, the band’s creativity seems to be on a tear, even during a pandemic. As COVID 19 takes hold of our world, the band took an innovative stance and created their latest single appropriately named “Staying In”.

The track is a warm welcome to the world of crowded indie pop. Catchy guitar riffs along with an intelligent bassline make this track bold and begged to be listened to loudly. Vocally, lead singer Owen has a delivery that’ll encapsulate your mind and sprinkle a bit of “this is how it’s done” all over your ears.

As for the music video, it’s a testament to getting the job done with what you have. Without giving it much away, it’s a video that incredibly simple yet incredibly inventive.

Listen/watch the video for “Staying In” now by clicking below:

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