If Thanksgiving did a number on your gut and patience for family, why not flee the discontent and relax with the latest track from Officer? The Irish London-based fivesome have created a magnetizing array of sounds on their latest effort titled “Heavening (Watch Our Bottles)”. With soft, airy vocals blending with an inventive array of instruments, this particular track will have your mind tranquilized and reclined.

Frontman DC Logan explains the new single’s inspiration: “It’s a song about having been brought to a place of being very lost from both yourself and the one you love, where you feel you’re totally on your knees. Where you feel the one you love is on their knees. Where you feel your relationship is on its knees. Where you’ve taken a lot of knocks and you’re wondering ‘Can I, can we, get back up again this time?’. It’s a song about being forgiven and forgiving… about hitting stop on the overwhelming mania of overworked city life, retreating to a peaceful place together, and choosing to work on things.”

Listen to “Heavening (Watch Our Bottles) now by clicking below:

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