Honeyfitz, a new project spearheaded by Elihu Jones, has a new track. Titled “Better Days”, the track is predominantly sad and mopy, but in a really good sad and depressing kind of way.

Jones, a high school dropout, spent his adolescence picking apples, washing dishes, and developing an innovative brand of rural pop music. Grounded in the Western Massachusetts DIY scene, he writes songs that are as at home on the radio as they are at house shows.

The new track begins with an electric guitar playing a relaxed yet sad progression. As the song continues vocals from Jones arrive along with accompanying female vocals. As sad as the lyrics and overall theme of the song is, it’s cleverly crafted and easily one of the most depressing tracks of the year.

Honeyfitz self-released two corresponding EPs over the winter of 2015-2016. Since then he has toured heavily on the east coast, playing in living rooms, bars, and basements. His debut album, Old Patterns, was released in June of 2017 and featured live bass and drums in addition to the trademark layered guitars. Cutting Your Hair, a self-released four-track EP, is a return to basics for Honeyfitz. He plays all the music on the EP and the only source of percussion is his classic MPC 1000 drum machine. It is due out early summer.

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