Human Barbie

Music has the ability to take the ineffability of human experience and map it out in some way that’s able to be understood; a ‘great translator’ of sorts. Human Barbie‘s new single “Get a Life” takes an exploratory Sunday stroll through the somber quicksand of trying to figure out what this whole thing is about. What is it that makes me happy? Where’s that to be found? (Please let us know if you’ve figured out the secret.)

This song perpetuates as a vamp on the implied question of “isn’t it easy to float through life?” We sure think so. It’s also quite easy to get caught up, or for a few hours to somehow turn into a few days, weeks, or years. All of the minutiae of the human condition is explored in the accompanying music video, showing a regular life and some of the moments that articulate our experience in it.

Check out the music video for “Get a Life” below:

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