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With the creation of Slow Boom in 2014 after the dissolving of State Faults and their release of their EP ‘Hex Hex Hex‘, Slow Boom has found a great new sound blending alternative rock and post-hardcore. Get Some Magazine had the opportunity to interview Jonny Andrew from Slow Bloom about their new music and upcoming plans.

Rita Bakelaar: Congratulations – How does it feel to be done with recording the EP and finally have the music out for your fans to hear?

Johnny Andrew: Thank you so much, we’re stoked to finally share these songs, we’ve been sitting on them for so long!

RB: As members coming from the heavy scream band State Faults and the heavy punk rock band Strike to Survive, Slow Boom feels musically a happy medium between the two sounds. What has the creative process been like in combining those two sounds to create Slow Boom?

JA: Luckily both bands weren’t far off from each other genre-wise, so it has been a lot of fun combining our influences, each person brings a little something special to each song and it gives an idea new life and energy.

RB: What was the decision in ending State Faults and starting Slow Boom and what were your fans’ reactions to the change?

JA: We just kind of hit a rut in State Faults where it wasn’t very fun anymore, we wanted to write music that was fun for us to play again and get people moving or banging their heads. There’s been a lot of sad fans understandably but we’re stoked that so many have wanted to follow us on our musical journey.

RB: You’ve mentioned that “Neon Sequitor” was inspired by your time working in commercial sheet metal. How did you overcome the fatigue of working all day and going to band practice at night?

JA: Haha, sometimes I just didn’t. Music and the band were the only things in my life at that point that brought me happiness so it was worth being tired to hang with my best friends and rip some jams open.

RB: You’ve described Immaculate as a nihilist anthem, but also have “Sarcophaguts”, which is about the struggle of feeling okay. How do you think the two mentalities balance out or oppose each other?

JA: Well, nihilism implies that nothing matters and life is meaningless, whereas Sarcophaguts’ place of importance in mental and emotional health would argue the opposite, and in turn kind of shows the inner indecision and struggle of someone in their twenties not wanting to care, but not being able to help it.

RB: Could you talk about “Sarcophaguts” and the process recording the song in one take?

JA: The recording process was awesome because we did it all live in a room together, amps in room, no headphones, just rocking together like we were in practice or playing a show. I think we recorded the album in order, so by the time we got to “Sarcophaguts” we were primed and ready to nail it.

RB: Cataracts, one of your heavier songs musically, describes the battle between a person and their ego. How did you form the idea behind the song lyrically?

JA: I think it was after a band practice, just thinkin about all our little egos, especially in the writing process, and how pride can affect the ability to compromise. I know I definitely struggle with pride when my bandmates have notes on a song I wrote, but it’s always for the better.

RB: What was the inspiration behind the album cover and titling the album Hex Hex Hex?

JA: The title comes from the first line of the last song, the Hex being the depression, anger, self-hatred, and nihilism we struggle with every day. The artwork just came from back and forth collaboration between Tommy (guitar) and Jared (drums).

RB: Having now signed with No Sleep Records (U.S.) and Dog Knights Productions (UK), what do you want to accomplish with your music and how soon do you want to follow up your EP ‘Hex Hex Hex’ with an album?

JA: We just want to make as many people as possible bang their fuckin head! We plan to record a full length in the summer so hopefully later this year or early next year we’ll have that ready.

RB: Are there plans to take the band on tour?

JA: We plan to tour everywhere! West Coast first, then wherever the road leads next.

To purchase Slow Bloom’s latest release ‘Hex Hex Hex’, click here!

For more information on the NorCal band, click here!


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