When Sirens & Sailors announced an intimate holiday show at the Bug Jar the show was sold out before it had even been a few hours. The excitement is understandable with Bug Jar being a classic club venue in Rochester coupled with one of the city’s most energetic bands would make for a wild show.

There is truly no better way to experience a Sirens & Sailors than in the packed crowd with all the energy. This venue provided a rare opportunity to experience this band in a smaller setting. Packed from wall to wall the crowd erupted in movement and cheers as the band took the stage for their set. A band who has only made a few live appearances in the last few years, the energy of the Rochester scene felt alive and well.

SANDS played a tight intense set mixed with old & new fan favorites along with a few holiday covers. The band has always been a powerhouse with live performance. Even with all that energy confined to a smaller stage, it didn’t slow anyone down.

The crowd moshing and stage diving non stop giving the vibe of a hardcore show from earlier in the decade. The band follows that line of both heavy and technical. Each member is particularly in tune with their instruments and each other on stage. A solid unit playing and smiling out onto the crowd. The scene that they’ve called home. It seemed impossible to stand still anywhere with the crowd. Each hand and voice reaching out to the mic as they echo the band’s words. The way a show like this should be. The scene feels united in these moments. Something a band like Sirens & Sailors has worked so hard to achieve and bring to Rochester’s music scene.


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