If you’re sad, ready for a good cry, and perhaps the occasional mosh pit indulgence, nothing beats an emo rock show. And no one does it better than Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights. The two bands came together for one giant tear party the other week at the famed Regent Theater for the unofficial Kleenex Festival 2018.

The night officially began with Capstan and As Cities Burn. Capstan just signed to Fearless Records earlier in the day which prompted an emotional, high octane set. It’ll be fun to see where these boys end up in a few years time -we expect big things. As for As Cities Burn, the group has been around for over a decade. They’ve had their fair share of lineup changes yet their music always stays strong and youthful.

Hawthrone Heights have been a band for nearly two decards. How nuts is that? Does that make you feel old? Is should. Metamucil, here we come. Old age aside, the band can’t seem to stand still. They just released a new album and are always performing with energy and angst. Their set started with “This Is Who We Are” and “Bad Frequencies”. Next, the famed “Niki FM”, a song about lead singer JT Woodruff’s wife, was blasted into the venue. The crowd’s reaction was magnetic, clinging to every word JT shot out of his mouth. “Crimson Sand” and “Pens and Needles” followed which kept the room’s energy rising higher and higher.

The final song the band performed was none other than the band’s most popular, “Ohio Is For Lovers”, which JT elected to sing from the barricade, sharing his microphone with the participating crowd. Their latest album ‘Bad Frequencies‘ is available to purchase now. PICK IT UP!

Around 10 o’clock the headliner, the mighty Silverstein, made their way to the stage to perform the entire album ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed‘, from front to back. The album came out on May 20th, 2003, which makes it over 15 years old. Yup, just admit it, your body is decaying folks. The band’s first track, “Smashed Into Pieces” ignited an already hot and ready audience.

Moshers were sweating, romantics were grabbing their loved ones, it was an emo outing for sure. Tracks such as “Hear Me Out” and “Friends in Fall River” helped to continue the set. After the albums final track “Forever and a Day” was played, the band announced they’d be taking a short break and returning.

After ten or so minutes, Silverstein returned with “The Afterglow”, a hot new track off their most recent album, ‘Dead Reflection‘. “Smile In Your Sleep” and other crowd favorites followed shortly after. As the band ended their night with “Discovering the Waterfront”, the audience made it known that the band needed to perform an encore. Without hesitation, the band returned to the stage to perform “Aquamarine” and their most beloved track, “My Heroine”. Cry on, friends.




Silverstein Setlist:

When Broken Is Easily Fixed:

Smashed Into Pieces
Red Light Pledge
Giving Up
Last Days of Summer
Bleeds No More
Hear Me Out
The Weak and the Wounded
Wish I Could Forget You
When Broken Is Easily Fixed
(with Capstan)
Friends in Fall River
Forever and a Day

Greatest Hits:

The Afterglow
Smile In Your Sleep
Texas Mickey
Lost Positives
American Dream
Discovering the Waterfront


My Heroine


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