Rockstars Sebastian Bach, Jerry Cantrell perform with all-star rock band Royal Machines

Written By: Velia Lopez


This past weekend Royal Machines played at Hollywood’s legendary the Roxy Theatre for two sold-out nights and my only regret is not going to both nights.

I’ve spent nine months out of the year with Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro on the set of Ink Master but seeing them perform live on Friday was the highlight of my whole year. Oliver’s cover band the Ramonas kicked off the night in their punk-inspired drag outfits doing covers from the Ramones and more, in full drag.

Nothing could have prepared me for the performance I was about to witness from Royal Machines. Donavan Leitch opened up the set with Blur’s hit “Song Two” and from there the sing a long didn’t stop. Dave Navarro continued to wail on the guitar as Billy Morrison took front stage where the crowd was wanting MORE, MORE, MORE.

Picking a favorite song from this show is like having to pick your favorite child but if you’re going to make me then it was hands down watching Mark McGrath and Donavan Leitch get the crowd going for “Killing in the Name Of”.

There was no shortage special guests including Franky Perez, Sebastian Bach and Jerry Cantrell who all joined this super group of amazing musicians for at least two songs.

My biggest issue with going to shows nowadays is having to watch the performance through someone else’s cell phone screen but that was not the case on Friday –  everyone had their hands in the air as they sang along to some of the most popular rock hits.

Needless to say, this show will be my new coming home ritual for the holiday season because this is one night of rock and roll legends that should never be missed.

Royal Machines will be performing again on NYE at the El Rey Theatre. For information, click here!

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