Listening to Field Medic live for the first time feels a whole lot like falling in love for the first time; folksy, melodic. The lyrics of “Let Freedom Ring” coupled with chilling vocals were so brilliant and heartfelt, it was reminiscent of Bob Dylan if Dylan possessed more melodic vocals.

On a couple of the more upbeat tunes, the crowd formed a mosh pit and slammed themselves around. Now, if you’ve never heard Field Medic, 1) Go listen right now. I’ll hold your place. Go. 2) It is not what you would typically consider moshing music. But mosh they did. He was charming and engaging and just a really good time. “UUU” should be enough to choke you up if there is any sliver of a soul living inside that shell of a body. He sings with such genuine heartfelt raw honesty, you can’t help but let it break you open a bit. Once Field Medic had the crowd properly preened and prepped, it was time for some good ‘ol fashioned emotional power pop.

Remo Drive

Remo Drive performed some serious magic at their sold-out show at The Echo. The venue floor was morphed into a sea of moshing, and it was being surfed by the crowd nearly constantly.

Remo Drive

A flailing spastic leg belonging to a crowd surfer kicked the mic stand, which in turn slammed into Erik Paulson’s face. He handled it so much cooler than most. The crowd carried the song for a few lines until guitarist Zack Cummings was able to give his mic to Erik while his was being set back into place. The energy was through the roof, the crowd was lively.

Remo Drive is making sure emo power pop is alive and thriving. The lyrics and the melodies were reminiscent of anthems I spent many a Warped Tour scream-singing. It filled my little black heart to the brim to experience the revival of the genre with enough new blood infused to keep it feeling fresh and new. A reincarnation of a beloved old favourite, of sorts.

But make no mistake, Remo Drive is so much more than a derivative of something that came before. Taking all that is the best of a beloved genre, and making it their own. The fervour of the impassioned crowd was enough in itself to prove that. Catch this show if you can, touring through the rest of September. You will cry. You will dance. You will combine these things into a simultaneous sexy cry dance. And your heart will grow three sizes that day, and your soul will be filled. *

*Results not absolutely guaranteed, only speaking from hypothetical personal experience.


Remo Drive


Field Medicdic


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