Brimming with a psychedelic indie rock sound, “Smoke in our Eyes” by Canadian rock band RALEIGH creates the perfect musical landscape for their latest music video.

Opening with static like radio voices and guitar, drums fall in quick as singers harmonize. Moving into the chorus, long guitar notes and synths give the song a psychedelic feel. The accompanying video follows the story of a little girl, overcoming her fear and gaining the strength to destroy her enemies. She wakes to come face to face with her villain, a green stuffed Gorilla. Grabbing a VHS tape of Bruce Lee’s Game of Death. She learns to fight, making a champion’s breakfast for herself, training, and ultimately conquering the giant stuffed animal. Shot with muted colors, the video gives a nostalgic feel amplified by the music.

To watch the music video, click below:

Currently on tour, RALEIGH will play a couple of shows in late May in the United Kingdom before moving on to Japan.

Connect with RALEIGH: Facebook | SoundCloud


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