Sirens & Sailors

The Rochester, NY-based Sirens & Sailors have been a metalcore staple for nearly a decade. Ferocious tracks, relentless touring, and an incredibly personable onstage and offstage demeanor, these five dudes are class acts. Their latest track “I’m Not Sorry” was released in late 2019 and stirred up rumors that the boys from the 585 (Rochester’s area code) were headed back into the studio. It’s still yet to be heard if they did, in fact, return to the soundboard. Tho one this is for sure; these guys sure know how to put together a Quarantunes Playlist!

Read below for a comment from the band + the group’s playlist:

Currently, we are all just at a standstill much like everyone else.  Some of us are still working, but overall, we are just doing our best to stay busy and productive. Whether it be with hobbies, music, family, etc.  It’s evident that the world we live in at this very moment in time is not ideal at all, but at the same time, there are moments you gotta stop and realize that it feels good for life to not feel so hectic for once. Hopefully, when things die down and start to feel “normal” again, we can all go back to hanging at shows, and doing what we love most, with a newfound appreciation for what we missed so much.

Until then, we have compiled a playlist. 15 of our current most listened to songs. Each band member chose 3 songs apiece. We’re just not telling you which members chose what songs. Enjoy the roller coaster.  

We’ll see you guys when this shit is over! Stay safe, stay healthy, we love you.


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