The advent of social media has people fixed to their phones like a junkie to poison. Its immediate delivery of updates and news can cause a rapturous onslaught of frantic emotions, for better or for worse. When news broke months ago over the interwebs that Pvris would be playing a 700-cap room in Los Angeles, obsession to the 3-piece band became undoubtedly heightened to near max levels, until of course the night of the performance at the famed El Rey Theatre, where the band delivered their fans the craving they’ve longed for.

The evening kicked off with newcomer Upsahl. The 19-year-old Los Angeles dweller by way of Phoenix is quickly making her presence known. Her music is tight, well crafted, and dedicated. Her live show is no different – infused with energy and quirky remarks. Wardrobe in check, her outfit for the evening consisted of a green leotard of sorts masked with a see-through suit.

As for her musical output, she performed tracks such as “Wish You’d Make Me Cry”, which prompted a prelude of her telling the audience about her run-in and dealings with f**k boys. Other tracks such as “All My Friends Are Rich” and “Drugs” made their way into the setlist, causing the room to become infatuated with the performer.

Upsahl closed her set with “Smile For The Camera” and a fan favorite “Can You Hear Me Now”. Be sure to get yourself in front of her and her music before she becomes the next big thing – cause let’s be frank, it’s only a matter of time.

The clock struck 10 PM, the lights went down, and the intro music for Pvris quickly caused a frenzy of fans to push forward towards the stage. As Lynn Gunn and company emerged from the stage’s wings, the entire crowd roared with great pleasure.

Dressed in a snakeskin-esque shirt, Gunn quickly went into the first track of the evening, “Mirros” followed quickly by “Hallucinations” and “Anyone Else”.

At one point during the band’s set, a fan delivered Gunn a bouquet of flowers, to which Gunn kindly accepted and placed on the piano. It was the perfect representation of how devoted Pvris’ fans are and how accepting of the love Pvris is.

Being an openly gay frontwoman, Gunn has made her sexuality known and has provided support to those who need assistance with coming out, amongst an array of other LGBTQ needs.

It’s incredibly powerful to see how committed and faithful Pvris’ fans are. They love, they dance, they admire, and Pvris gives it right back to them. Everyone at the El Rey that evening were equal and one and the same. Because of the band’s incredible talent when it comes to creating music and providing support, the evening will go down as one of the best of the summer.


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