While my team did not advance to day two of the bowling tournament, 60 teams moved forward for the tournament held at Sam’s Town. Each team bowled game by game until they lost, working through a bracket system. Bowlers came through and stayed to root on the teams, a true community of punk rock fun. The playlists, compiled by Andy Poncherello, were blasting and the second day proved to be more exciting than first.

Again, bowling ran into the second day’s MainStage set time. On par for Day 2: The Atom Age, Crazy & The Brains, Larry & His Flask, Swingin’ Utters, The Briefs, The Partisans, Turbonegro, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, with NOFX headlining.

Turbonegro was top on my list of bands to see and I was not disappointed.  The comical rock band was decked out with face paint and a costumed wardrobe.  Their presence was huge, only amplified by their super fans, all the members of Turbojugend.  The singer’s stage presence was amazing, alternating between jumping around and laying down seductively in front of the crowd.  The audience and teams of Turbojugend members had no tolerance for anyone trying to make trouble or shove anyone around.  The anthemic Turbonegro songs were sung word for word by most members in the audience.  They set was loud, fast, heavy, and raw.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones followed, it was an interesting transition over to ska, but the Bosstones’ set was every 90’s ska punk kid’s dream.  They got the audience skanking like it was still 1996, and played hit after hit while the singer introduced each of his “best friends.”  Donning matching white suits, they blasted through songs while Ben Carr, THE Bosstone, was on stage still dancing his ass off.  Closing the set with their hit “The Impression That I Get,” the Mighty Mighty Bosstones made a nostalgia band a new fan favorite.

NOFX closed out the second night.  Their set was tight, complete with short songs and long-winded banter in between.  Fat Mike wore a skirt and joked about running out of hair product, making excuses for his fallen pink mohawk.  The band was true to 90’s pop punk form, silly, fast, and eager to please.

Club shows that I regret missing: Hot Water Music, Agnostic Front, Darkbuster, and many other great late night sold out shows.


Photos: Anne Elizabeth Photography




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