Finally, with the bowling tournament out of the way, Degenerate bowling was on par for 3 am Sunday night/Monday morning. Running into a 6 am end time, no sleep was granted for most of the bowlers, so a pool party day was the obvious choice. The pool at the Golden Nugget was filled with tattooed bodies drinking and swimming on the hottest day yet.  Once the sun was fully soaked up, it was easy to pop right over to the main stage for one more day of bands on the vast astroturf lawn.

The lineup for Day three included Svetlanas, The Birth Defects, Buster Shuffle, Slaves (UK), Angelic Upstarts, Steve Ignorant & Paranoid Visions Present: Crass Songs ’77-’84, Against Me!, X, with At the Drive In headlining.

Let’s be real: three days in Las Vegas are hard. Running on no sleep, I missed most of the show. X, boasting 40 years of rocking, brought it. True original LA punk, the band incorporated multiple instruments in a way that is often forgotten with punk bands today. The band was perfection, playing all of the songs that taught me about the original LA punk scene. It was so great to see a piece of punk history.

At the Drive In were the penultimate finish. They still rock and rage as hard as ever; Cedric is still whipping and kicking the microphone around, climbing through the stage.  The crowd tightened in on the stage to watch the loud fast album hits that we were all waiting for. Ending the set, Cedric dedicated “One Armed Scissor” to an idol that he ran into many years ago who’s grand advice was telling him to cut his Dio hair. Their biggest hit was the hardest and greatest way to end the set, drop the mic, and walk off stage.

Late night Sunday was completed with Punk Rock Karaoke, a karaoke night with a backing band playing any punk rock song the singer chose.  Drunk punks capped off their weekend of events by singing their hearts out.  I left Las Vegas depleted.  Bring on Punk Rock Bowling 2019!


Photos: Anne Elizabeth Photography



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