Known for their fuzzy psych-rock style, Melbourne based band Pretty City stays true to form with the release of their latest single, “Flying”.

With its classic drum beats, electric guitar, and the old rocker-esque voice of Hugh Matthews, “Flying” makes you feel like you are standing in the corner of an old concert venue, surrounded by grunge rock fans, beer in hand, nodding your head to the song.

Releasing a music video as well for “flying”, the video follows a couple as they walk along a railroad track, through a desert, and what looks to be a dried up lake. Inserts of desert plants, animals, and foliage add to the couple’s journey as they walk on, eventually sharing a kiss while psychedelic patterns are very sparingly dropped between shots. Edited to look like old film, the newer clothes that the happy couple wears shows the story to be modern, hinting at a romanticized view of the past.

Watch the music video for “Flying” below:

Fans can expect more classic psych-rock songs from the band as they release their latest EP Cancel the Future, set to be released on March 23rd.

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