As the holiday season is nearly in full swing, concertgoers worldwide are preparing to attend shows to ring in 2017. Among the most popular and least publicized (as far as mainstream media) Phish will likely draw in excess of 100,000 diverse attendees in the most densely populated area in the United States and at the world’s most famous arena.

Madison Square Garden has played host to more Phish NYE runs than any other group since the early 90s, marking the evening of the 31st in 2016, as the eleventh time the quartet will have taken that very stage on that night since 12/31/95. All but a handful of years are accompanied by a huge four-night-run that sets a raucous celebratory tone just days after Christmas. This year’s event will indeed include four concerts topped off by a three set night on New Year’s Eve.

The fact that New Year’s Day happens to be a Sunday can only be a benefit, as the show will conveniently begin Wednesday evening playing each night until a Saturday when a cacophony of musical timbre’s will seep into the wee hours of 2017. Even though the band has played just three shows (Halloween) since concluding the summer tour, hopes are strong that the momentum of an overall great year for the band will continue, especially in light of the members’ incredible dedication to practice.

Aside from the phantastic music experience–the creativity of Trey, Mike, Jon, and Page flows beyond the musical scale into a unique euphoric visual ensemble that is deservedly ballyhooed by the phans. Between golf carts and flying hot dogs, from scores of actors dancing alongside the band, to last year’s hourglass set…it is nearly impossible to know what to expect from Phish when they hit the stage in New York City in under two weeks.

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