Perturbator Inferno

The pitch black stage of the Regent Theater in Los Angeles quickly fills with smoke as Perturbator takes the stage, his face concealed by a hoodie. The ex-movie house converted into a concert venue’s sloped floors offer everyone a great view of the retro-futuristic construction covering his gear. A deep drone emanates from the darkness.

A strobe briefly illuminates a demonic looking Perturbator staring out at the crowd, before launching into “Neo-Tokyo,” a relentless track that hits the audience like a freight truck. Beams of light converge over the crowd, like a Tron landscape come to life. Perturbator bangs his head to the track, while punishing his keyboards. He plays a series of crowd favorites like “Disco Inferno,” “She is Young, She is Beautiful and She is Next” and “Future Club,” whipping the audience into a frenzy. A mosh pit even broke out in the middle of the floor.

Perturbator Green Mood

When the sample for “Humans are Such Easy Prey” started, everyone in the audience chanted along. “It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse or fear. It absolutely will not stop … ever … until you are DEAD!” When the downbeat hit, the crowd exploded into sweaty spasms of ecstasy.

After this, Perurbator went into a session of new tracks off the New Model EP, starting with the absolutely blistering version of “Tactical Precision Disarry.” The colored lights turned strictly white as the French disco gave way to the harsh industrial and metallic sounds of the new music. Perturbator danced along, throwing his hands in the air to bring the crowd to greater levels of euphoria. He nodded his head, hair obscuring his face as he drove the music to the darkest edges. He ended the set with the driving beat of “Tainted Empire,” which sounded much like a horror movie come to life.

Perturbator Blue

After a short bow and folding his hands in a thank you to the crowd, Perturbator disappeared back into the enveloping blackness. But the crowd was hungry for more, chanting “one more song,” and soon he emerged to deliver one more shot of adrenaline straight into the brain. “Perturbator’s Theme” was just what they asked for, another deep dive into the dark disco before he disappeared for good. Perturbator never uttered a word, but he was able to move an audience through the sheer power of his dark vision.

Buy your very own copy of Perturbator’s latest EP, New Model on vinyl here.

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Perturbator Stark

Perturbator Red


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