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In a surprise announcement today, French darkwave master Perturbator announced a new six song EP entitled New Model. The album drops on October 20th, and is a co production between Blood Music and Music of the Void. The album is described as, “…utter madness, gnarled and distorted low-end, and eschewing all modern rules of tempo.”

His last album 2016’s The Uncanny Valley became an absolute seminal release in the dark synthwave genre. He also introduced the world to the dark destruction of Carpenter Brut on the track “Complete Domination” from his 2014 release Dangerous Days. Perturbator is rumored to be half human and half synthesizer.

Read the Get Some Magazine interview with Carpenter Brut here to find out all about the current state of Synthwave.

Perturbator hits the road in September on his American tour, so expect to hear a lot of this new material at the shows. He plays the Regent Theater on September 14th. You can buy tickets here.

Perturbator Tour


1. Birth of the New Model
2. Tactical Precision Disarray
3. Vantablack
4. Tainted Empire
5. Corrupted by Design
6. God Complex

Check out the amazing animated music video for “Sentient (feat. Hayley Stewart) directed and animated by Valenberg from the album The Uncanny Valley:


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