It was the day after Tool’s long-awaited release of Fear Inoculum and that energy carried through the crowd as Bad Wolves put on the greatest opening act that I’ve seen to date. Josh Brolin, yes Thanos destroyer of worlds, came out before Bad Wolves’ set to read off the accolades the band has received thus far and to give Thanos’ endorsement. The crowd was pretty hyped up.

Bad Wolves opened with a fierce amount of energy. Vocalist Tommy Vext got the crowd hyped by creating a wall of death from the get-go. Several smaller circle pits formed before they eventually combined into one swirling, unstoppable mass.

Vext’s energy was crazy high as he danced, jumped, and sang on the stage. Tommy Vext also spoke about suicide and how everyone at the Hollywood Palladium is like his family. He also asked everyone in the crowd to turn around and hug someone they came with. It was a sad day for everyone who came solo. One photographer hopped up on stage and gave Tommy a hug as an example for the crowd to follow. Love was in the air! Tommy told all the men in the crowd to put their women on their shoulders as he screamed, “make some love for women who like heavy metal!”

Heavy riffs and shredding guitar solos came out of Doc Coyle’s magical hands. Chris Cane whipped his hair in every possible direction as he played a beautiful PRS 7 string. Bassist Kyle Konkiel pointed at me in between his thumping bass riffs, which was pretty sweet as well. Lastly, Tommy Vext told the crowd to take a knee and the not start jumping when the breakdown kicked in which was a pretty cool technique to get the crowd hyped.

Asking Alexandria is trying to become the next A Day To Remember and what they’re doing is working. Smoke cannons constantly blasted into the crowd as the band opened up with their new hit single, “The Violence” followed by “Into The Fire”. The crowd surged and attempted to get a circle pit started, but it never came close to the size of hurricane Dorian. Danny Worsnop broke the 4th wall and joked about him coming out with an acoustic guitar to prove he is a real musician. A shredding guitar solo burst from the speakers while Warsnop’s fingers danced all around the fretboard. Then the shredding slowly faded away and what was left was the clunky, mostly wrong, half-pressed, terrible notes Danny was actually playing. That being said, Asking Alexandria’s performance was epic from start to finish. Their set was insanely dynamic as they played songs primarily off of their most recent self titled album. Three songs came from AA’s hit album From Death to Destiny but absolutely zero songs from The Black were played. I assume this will become Asking Alexandria’s new standard after the departure of former vocalist Denis Stoff and the reunion with longtime vocalist Danny Worsnop.

I walked around the Hollywood Palladium in between sets, asking people who they came to see. I received only one answer. PAPA ROACH!!! While this made me sad for the opening bands, Papa Roach delivered exactly what the audience was begging for. Papa Roach played an incredible nineteen song playlist, spanning seven albums, that shook the room and got the entire crowd on their feet. PR opened their long show with “Who Do You Trust?”, “Getting Away With Murder” and “Broken Home”. If you were at the show, you were pretty much guaranteed to have one of your favorites come on at some point. “Elevate” was played surprisingly early and about halfway through the show, the band broke out into a crazy awesome drum solo. A few mosh pits formed throughout the night, but at their peak, they were only about a category 3. While the pits weren’t at Parkway Drive’s level, the intensity of the show was just as good and the crowd seemed to be having an excellent time.

Jacoby Shaddix kept the crowd singing and screaming with his bad-ass rockstar vibes and his bad-ass rockstar music. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! Papa Roach concluded their set with their hit song, “Last Resort.” 


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