The National

The National have continued their recent history with the TV show Bob’s Burgers, this time releasing a cover from the show’s plethora of songs to pick. Appropriately chosen was the latest episode’s Thanksgiving song named “Give It to Teddy”, which The National turns into a heart-wrenching piano ballad.

Such is the case for most of the songs from Bob’s Burgers that are covered by The National, as humorous and upbeat melodies in the show are replaced by melancholy themes and less BPM.

The National have done more with the show than just song covers, also appearing at the shows live events as well as recording voices for an episode in 2015 that did not air due to the tragic Paris terror attacks.

With a Bob’s Burgers movie scheduled for 2020, The National may yet to have risen to their height of prominence with the series. Soundtrack, voice overs, and guests appearances all seem highly possible for the feature film and perhaps even sooner. Check out below “Give It to Teddy” and other content related to Bob’s Burgers by The National.


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