The track officially dropped on streaming services at 12 AM EST on May 14th



As the world continues to rapidly change around us, the punk rock heroes in MxPx are here to inject a bit of top-notch punk rock into our bloodstreams. It’s what you need, it’s what I need, it’s what we all need.

The new track can’t come at a moment too soon. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a plethora of agony, uncertainly, and all-out stress. Let’s just say we now know what a panic attacks feel like, and they’re not pretty. The band’s track rightfully named “Worries” is a blueprint on to keep your anxiety at bay.

Listen to the song/watch the music video for “Worries” now by clicking below:

MxPx has been keeping their gears and cogs moving ever since day one, but they’ve really ramped it up during coronavirus. In addition to dropping a deluxe edition of their 2018 self-titled record, singer Mike Herrera hosted a weekly live stream session titled Life In Quarantine. You can see more on all of that by clicking here.

“We all have worries, but when you look closely at your life in the everyday moments, it’s the simple things that we find the most comfort in,” Herrera told AltPress. “Now that rings true more than ever with the state of the world. Reading to your children, cooking for your better half, a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day and no dogs attack you. And when we’re alone? Solidarity with ourselves. This is a fun-loving song that needs to get outside and stretch its legs. Let her run wild and free! I hope you love our new song, ‘Worries.’”

For more information on MxPx, including links to sweet, sweet merch, click HERE!


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