Thought Contagion Still

Muse released their latest single “Thought Contagion” today, and it is a hard-edged political anthem. The lyrics “It’s too late for the revolution/Brace for the final solution” sound like a call to arms. The video is an 80’s-tinged nostalgia fest full of references to movies, pop culture and music.

Though Muse is not finished recording their new album (they are rumored to be about halfway done), this is the second track from it to be released, following last year’s “Dig Down.”

Frontman Matt Bellamy gave insight into the track in a press release, “The meaning of the song ‘Thought Contagion’ is about how other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs can sometimes infect your mind, get into your head and change the way you think yourself.”

The video directed by Lance Drake (Who directed their epic last video “Dig Down”), is a neon drenched love story filled with 80’s references. It opens in an arcade where the lead character, in a bit of self-referentialism, is playing a Dig Down upright game cabinet featuring an 8-bit version of the female character from the “Dig Down” music video.

The character pops a tape into the player in his Ferrari Testarossa and does the dance from Footloose. His girlfriend transforms in an homage to both Thriller and Demons. That alone gets massive cool points. The infected in the video grow claws that look Freddy-like. The video culminates in a Thriller-like dance routine, before it is revealed that the whole thing was also a video game. The final image is singer Matt Bellamy emerging from a Lamborghini Countach with energy sparking from his hands.

Listen to “Thought Contagion” here.

Check out the kick ass video for “Dig Down” here.

Watch the neon soaked “Thought Contagion” video below:


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