Marilyn Manson Messy

Marilyn Manson released a video today for the track “KILL4ME” off of his latest release Heaven Upside Down that stars Johnny Depp. This is the second collaboration between the two following the recent “SAY10” off the same album. Both videos were strikingly directed by Bill Yukich.

In “KILL4ME” Depp plays a voyeuristic pervert that owns a hotel where two women (models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite) are staying. He observes them behind one way glass, taking pictures and video, and sneaking into their room, but he never actually touches them. He is menaced by Marilyn Manson, who is wearing a long black dress and a creepy female mask with a blank expression. Manson draws Depp out of his sex closet and into a hotel room, where he is included in an orgy with two women and Manson dressed as a girl, where they may or may not kill him. There is a bookend scene, where a woman drops a needle on a record and a shadowy figure sits in a chair looking at a leatherbound book.

I am not sure what the deeper implications of the video are, but it seems that Manson acts as a catalyst, drawing Depp out of his fetish rut and into a more healthy actual physical encounter. Well healthy-ish at least. Or it could be that the two women actually lured Depp in, to kill him for their Svengali-like leader. It is all appropriately disturbing for a Marilyn Manson video.

Manson is currently on tour in Europe through the end of the year, but he return to the states with another North American leg early next year. Buy tickets here.

Buy your very own copy of the limited edition red vinyl Heaven Upside Down here.

This is still not the most disturbing video of the year. That award definitely goes to Fever Ray for “To the Moon and Back.” Watch it here.

Watch the NSFW video for “KILL4ME” below:

Watch the equally if not more NSFW video for “SAY10” below:


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