The Philadelphia-based jam band Lotus are back at it with a brand new single. Titled “Catacombs”, the track is OG Lotus at it’s finest and will magnetize itself to your ears. The band hasn’t released new music in some time making this release fully warranted and desired.

The track itself is yet another example of how musicality runs through each of the member’s veins. Mike Rempel’s guitar is the first blissful earshot that resonates profoundly and quickly becomes surrounded by Luke Miller’s dominant bassline. As the song continues, Luke’s twin brother Jesse is heard mixing and mashing levitating synths and effects. Percussionists Mike Greenfield and Chuck Morris lay down the heart of the track with grooving arrangements and fills that heighten the song to “on repeat” status.

Listen to “Catacombs” below:

Lotus has also announced a new album today featuring 10 previously unheard tracks. The album titled ‘Free Swim’ comes out on August 21st and is available for preorder now by clicking here!

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