Miss May I debuts music video for new track “Lost in the Grey”


Miss May I

After an extended hiatus the vicious-sounding metal heads from Troy, OH have returned. Since July of last year the boys in Miss May I have stayed silent, focusing all of their fireball energy on the creation of a new record. Today, Miss May I debuted a music video for their brand new song titled “Lost in the Grey.”

The video begins with a dark, high-wide shot overlooking what appears to be an ocean – in the frame, we observe a member of Miss May I standing still. Quickly followed is a close-up shot of a child in the woods (played by Riley Ayden Curiel) along with a motherly figure. The woman places a lion-faced necklace upon the boy’s neck. The boy holds the necklace as he looks at the woman and without notice runs deeper into the woods. Shortly after the boy’s departure from the woman he trips on a hidden object under a pile of leaves. As he uncovers the leaves the object comes to life, revealing it to be a mask with the same mold as his necklace.

In a statement to Get Some Magazine frontman Levi Benton states, “The song is about getting people to step out of their safe zone and not be content with what they have. We want them to push further. The video shows a boy who loses hope after his father passes and then finds that hope within Miss May I (the mask). He travels through life with the mask while it motivates him to go further. He then finds others like him and realizes he is not alone. As for the rat, the pre-chorus describes the content individuals as “rats that want to bleed” so…. I ate them.” Fair enough.

The video features the entire band performing in what looks to be a wooded area. Quick camera moves and sharp, stabbing edits bring this music video to life. Furthermore, lead singer Levi Benton is found towards the end of the video holding a live mouse near his opened mouth. Will he commit the same devilish act that Ozzy Osborne did on his bats?

To find out how the video ends and if Levi Benton consumed a live mouse, click below!

Miss May I’s latest album Shadows Inside comes out June 2nd on Sharptone Records. To preorder the new album, click here!

The band is currently in Europe playing a handful of shows. Shortly after they’ll be returning for a North American tour. Click here to view dates.


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