Little Grim

Little Grim

Part downtempo, part eerie synth, and fully exploratory is how Little Grim‘s latest single “Chock-Full of Fun” can be distinguished as. The track is airy yet dark, soft, and cuddly yet sharp. With vocals that are tossed into a heap of effects, the song’s driving force is its arrangement and lyric genius. Quirky synths fuse with a mellow drum beat to create a soundscape that makes the listener either want to trip out on acid or grab the fattest blunt. Fans of Hot Chip and Glass Animals will gobble up this track without a problem.

The band stated that “‘Chock-Full of Fun’ is a song that’s narrative peeps through the keyhole of an obsessive and possessive partner, exploring the ways it can drive you to do and say mad things when you’re infatuated.”

Listen to “Chock-Full of Fun” below:

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Little Grim are Joseph Murphy (Vocals/Guitar), Jeremy Barclay (Guitar/Keys), Chris Alger (Bass) & Roger Muntzer (Drums).


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