Lemon Twigs Go to School

Lemon Twigs announced a new album today, Go to School, due out August 24th from 4AD. The 15-track album was conceived as a musical, narrative, concept album. In celebration, the band released the first single “If You Give Enough.”

Brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario described the story, in a press release, as a “heartbreaking coming of age story of Shane, a pure of heart chimpanzee raised as a human boy as he comes to terms with the obstacles of life.”

The album features Todd Rundgren playing the role of Shane’s father and the brother’s real life mother, Susan Hall, as Shane’s mother. The album also features guest appearances by Ronnie D’Addario, their actual father, and Big Star’s Jody Stephens in unspecified roles.

The Lemon Twigs are on tour this summer with The Arctic Monkeys. Check out their itinerary here.  They also just announced an album launch show here in Los Angeles at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on October 15th. Buy tickets here.

Be sure to preorder the album here to get an exclusive 2-song 7 inch.

Listen to “If You Give Enough” below:

Go to School Tracklist:

1. Never in My Arms, Always in My Heart
2. The Student Becomes the Teacher
3. Rock Dreams
4. The Lesson
5. Small Victories
6. Wonderin’ Ways
7. The Bully
8. Lonely
9. Queen of My School
10. Never Know
11. Born Wrong/Heart Song
12. The Fire
13. Home of a Heart (The Woods)
14. This Is My Tree
15. If You Give Enough